Benefits of ACICO Building System

Short construction time:
ACICO building system achieves project completion in approximately half the time needed in conventional construction. The relatively short time of completion is accomplished due to prefabrication, light weight, and building method 

Low construction cost:
ACICO building system has significantly lower construction costs than conventional concrete construction which is reflected in the following: 
  1. Receive projects at earlier dates.
  2. Faster return on investment.
  3. Low administrative cost due to less execution time.
  4. Less amount of construction foundation due to light weighted building material.
  5. Less man power.
  6. Limited amount of cement and steel in AAC products.
Extension and renovation:
ACICO building system allows the re-use of building material after dismantling which cannot be achieved in conventional construction. This has been proved through numerous extension projects following first time construction.  

How ACICO Compares to Regular Block


Building on Solid Foundations

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